Will my painting be the exact one shown on the web site?

You are commissioning an original art work and it will vary somewhat, beautifully, as a new original painting. This enables me to produce from my deep feeling each time and enhances the value of your art work. These are not reproductions.

Can I speak with you about the artwork before it goes forward?

Of course. I would like nothing better if you would like to talk. The power of intention is a very real energy in art and having you participate can only contribute.

Does the copper continue to oxidize (change color or get darker) over time?

No. The oxidation process is arrested and the lacquer which seals it from the atmosphere protects it. I have pieces that look just as they did on the day they were coated many years ago.

Are the art works extremely heavy?

Not at all. They are comprised of pure copper sheeting mounted on a framework much like a stretched canvas and don’t weigh very much more than, say, an oil painting that has a lot of paint on it.

May I see an image of the completed art work before it is shipped?

Absolutely. A good clear photo is taken and the image sent to you upon completion.

How long does it take to complete an art work?

It depends on my work at hand at any give time and whether I am traveling, but generally the art can be in your hands in about a month.

Is it possible to get a piece more quickly than that?

Occasionally, please call to discuss.

Will you adjust colors to match my sofa?

Art is more important than furnishings in my opinion. You may want to consider getting a new sofa to match the art, or simply get a cushion of a certain color to throw on it if that works.

Can I pay half of the cost of an art work to initiate the order and the balance on completion?

Yes. If you prefer that, I can accommodate. Please call or write about it.

Is it possible to see a sample of the copper surface prior to commissioning an art work?

Yes. A $30 charge covers preparation and shipping of a 6×6 inch sample. Please write or call to order it.

Is it possible for you to create any of the art works at larger sizes? Different shapes? Diptychs and triptychs (two or three panel pieces in which the subject carries across)?

Yes, certainly. There are many possibilities. I will work with you. Please write or call to talk about it.

What is the cost of packing and shipping?

Packing and shipping are free in the continental United States.

Do you ship internationally and offshore?

Yes. There is additional cost. It will be calculated individually depending on destination and the size of the art work(s).

Do you create other types of art in other media and subject areas?

Yes. I am also a figurative painter and have a separate web site for that work at www.hawkstudio.com.

Don’t see your question here? Please call or write.