“Doesn’t it seem to you,” asked Madame Bovary, “that the mind moves more freely in the presence of that boundless expanse, that the sight of it elevates the soul and gives rise to thoughts of the infinite and the ideal?” ―Gustave Flaubert

Water: all around us, and in us. We are from water, born in water, comprised largely of water. With most of the earth’s surface water-covered, water connects us all – each of us – of every race, religion, nationality, sex, orientation and philosophy; rich, poor, large, small, young, old, powerful or humble. Water can slake our thirst, transport us, cleanse us, soothe us, terrify us, destroy us. Perhaps this is why in its variety, more than anything, water inspires us.

The Copperhand Water Series is comprised of six works to date, painted in oil on copper with patina. Each work represents a different personality of water. Each is inspired by a different body of water from around the world, as experienced by one artist.

Two drops of water from the body of water which inspired it are used in the making of each work of the Water Series. Part ritual, part science, the waters are administered as part of the intention of the artist to evoke the energetic nature of water in each work of art.

“Canale” – inspiration, Grand Canal, Venice, Italy.

“Lago” – inspiration, Lake Como, Northern Italy.

“Wave” – inspiration, Pacific Ocean, West Coast, USA.

“Deam River” – inspiration and connection, River Seine, Paris, France.

“Swirling Waters” – inspiration, hot springs of Japan.

“Flyover” – inspiration, Pacific Ocean, West Coast, USA.

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