The start of the art

Often I get asked how I started doing this. This taking of copper sheets and making images appear on the copper surface using acids, and leaves, and string, and stone, and then all kinds of things.

Clover - Copper Patina Art by COPPERHAND Studio

Clover - Copper Patina Art by COPPERHAND Studio

Is the answer exciting? No more or less exciting than the answer to how Apple Computer started, and the place that was to provide the opportunity for it:

The garage.

The garage in Rancho Bernardo was my sanctuary, my laboratory, and, much like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, the place I went when I was really up against it.

There I was in the garage one day making an elaborate mirror frame out of copper. I had been juried into the American Craft Council and was getting ready to do the big show in Chicago. It was a lot of work. It was complicated. There were many steps. It took a long time to make a piece.

Suddenly, simplicity seemed like a real good thing. I also wanted to focus more on making things that were not so much useful objects, though beautiful, but art. “I should just take big panels and hit them with a bunch of acid,” I thought, “maybe throw some things on them to create a pattern.”

Then – what did I do about it? Nothing. For years. Isn’t life like that?

The way it was to play out, and the way copper was to interact with my other artistic work as a painter, was something I could never have foreseen.



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