Why copper patina art?

Here’s some text from my book, soon to be available on copperhand.com. Thought this would make a decent first post in the blog:

“Light dances across the surface as hues and textures blend and shift in a never-ending performance of glimmering metal and rich blue greens. Patterns and markings eddy and dissipate, hinting at some sort of calligraphy in which the forces of nature speak a language all their own.

Creation, 24x24 inches

Exotic and yet familiar, as old as the world itself, the varied voices of copper make it different at every meeting. Somehow quiet and bold at the same time, thrilling and calming, beautiful, serene and turbulent, the surface of copper challenges us to know it.

With the changing light and our changing vantage point as we move, copper continually reveals itself. In the hands of the artist, in concert with nature, copper pleases the senses and soothes the soul.”

Are you feeling it?


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3 Responses to Why copper patina art?

  1. Kay Colvin says:

    Fascinating! Can’t wait for the Richard Hawk exhibition at L Street Fine Art across from the San Diego Omni Hotel in the fall.

  2. Carolina Culbertson Elliott says:

    Beautiful work!
    Glad I knew you when………..

  3. How gorgeous your work is……….wonderful treat to find another copper lover who clearly knows so much about this great metal and how to maximize its’ artistic possibilities!

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