oxidation on copper



Located just outside San Diego, California, USA in high country several miles from the Pacific Ocean, COPPERHAND Studio is dedicated to producing works of artistic and decorative merit in copper.

The more we learn about copper – and we continue to learn after more than ten years of working with it – the more we feel that copper has a character and special properties that make it unmatched for artistic expressions of both nature and the human spirit.

Richard Hawk
Founder Richard Hawk, COPPERHAND Studio

If the above sounds like a bold statement, read the section About Copper and we think you’ll see why!

It is an amazing medium.

Dusk is an excellent time for starting patinization on copper in southern California. You’ll often find us out as the light begins to fall and the air is cooling, arranging our copper panel designs over a bed of wood chips. And hanging around to watch under the lights, as the magic begins to unfold in rich hues of green and blue. Only morning can really show us what we’ve got though, in lovely and sometimes surprising results, as each piece achieves its own individuality.

Real leaves and plant parts (usually - we also do some abstracts and figurative pieces) are used to create the images in patina on the copper.
The beauty of these natural forms in silhouette, with some wonderful detail and delicacy, are imprinted through the action of our patina solutions on the copper surface.

At times Richard will bring the work into a whole other realm with the use of traditional oil painting techniques in a final stage. The idea is to create a beautiful synthesis of two voices - natural oxidation and painting techniques - in a single, unified artwork. See examples of this work here.

Please enjoy the fruits of our work.