COPPERHAND Studio's beautiful, unusual works of copper art are a co-creation with nature. Using acids to oxidize the metal surface, artist Richard Hawk invokes displays of natural colors, textures, and painterly effects, resulting in unique copper patina art. Come in, look around and enjoy learning more about this most unique of art forms, now admired and owned by collectors the world over.


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Copper patina art from Copperhand Studio Art of nature on copper from Copperhand StudioCopperhand Studio brings youcontemporary artworks in patina on copper



Our unique copper surfaced art panels are patina treated to create designs using the imprint of actual plant materials. As a statement of the beauty of nature in any interior environment, a gift of nature indoors, they are unmatched.

Due to the nature of the patina treatment, natural variations in color, texture and nuance assert themselves on the metal surface. Wonderful, ever-varied effects are caused by the interaction of chemistry, copper, time, temperature, and humidity. The resulting richly patterned surfaces truly are a collaboration of the human hand and nature.

The plant materials are consumed during the process of creating the art, making each one doubly unique and never to be repeated in quite the same way.

Each piece receives the Copperhand imprimatur and is signed and dated on the back.

A few abstract and figurative designs round out the offering.

The art panels range in size from 16 x 16 inches up to diptychs and triptychs at as much as 86x44 inches in size. They are ready to hang.

In addition to gallery sales, commissions are accepted. Please write or call.

Worthy of contemplation:

The copper patina art panels are objects of beauty and admiring remarks in homes, offices, and public spaces. People say they are not only pleasing to the eye but soothing to the spirit.

Copper art, patina art, botanical art, plant art, leaf art, interior decorator piece, designer gift - all these descriptions fit.

We like to think of them as the designs and artistry of Copperhand Studio in partnership with nature.

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